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11 People Caught Looking at Porn in Public
written by Sam Greenspan

Note: This post was re-edited on 8/6/16 to further censor the photos.

I'm at an airport right now and as per my ritual, I've walked into the convenience store in the terminal even though I haven't purchased a magazine in at least seven years. I still like to look at the magazine covers, though, and debate buying one -- then realize I have like 15 different devices in my bag to ensure I won't have to spend more than four seconds without something to occupy my mind and I pass. Each time, there's always a new joy as I glance up to that part of the magazine rack where black bookends block the covers of the adult material as I wonder, "Who would buy an issue of Juggs to read on the plane?"

These people would. These. People. Would.

For today's educationally enriching list, I've gathered 11 photos of people who were caught in the act reading, buying or watching pornography (or, at least, popular erotic literature). Some of these photos even have great back stories. Some of them don't, which allow you to make up your own back story. Even though, problematically, our pornography-overloaded society may've actually killed your imagination.

Here are 11 people caught in the act watching porn...
  1. Naw, let's take the van.

    I'm sure whoever was driving the van for the First Baptist Church of Woodlawn, Tennessee eventually had a long sit down conversation with his bosses once they got tipped off this photo was circulating around the Internet. It's hard to talk your way out of this one -- very Principal Skinner at the burlesque house, "I was only there to get directions on how to get away from there."

  2. At the library.

    As I am to understand it, this is going on at pretty much every library around the country right now -- odd older men taking advantage of the free Internet to watch porn. I guess as long as they're doing it very quietly, right?

  3. The professor in class.

    This is from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. This guy is a food chemistry professor who'd just finished a lecture and still had his laptop hooked up to the projector -- then forgot, and started looking for porn. Before you think, "Oh, it's the Netherlands, no one cared," keep in mind he was a visiting professor from Belgium where... well, they also probably don't care. Europeans, am I right?

  4. The Indonesian Parliament.

    The guy pictured here was a member of the Indonesian parliament -- and one of the top anti-porn crusaders in the legislature. So, as per the unwritten rule of judgmental politics, the loudest opponents of a "moral" cause are always the ones who are its biggest fans in secret. This guy wasn't particularly good at keeping his love of pornography a secret -- and was actually busted looking at porn on the floor of the parliament. At least all the U.S. anti-gay rights politicians who get caught with men have the restraint to wait until they get into some bushes at a park or into an airport bathroom.

  5. Apple Store.

    I know it's theoretically comical that there's an old guy looking to Find some Adult Friends using the free Internet at the Apple Store... but there's something about the tableau that feels so melancholy and tragic to me. This could easily be the subject matter for an Edward Hopper painting.

  6. Florida state senator.

    The guy caught looking at porn here is Michael Bennett, a Republican state senator from Florida (at the time in 2010). A news organization caught him looking at porn while the senate was in session. And what sexy topic were they discussing at the time that put him in the mood? An bill that would require women who wanted abortions to have to pay for an ultrasound out-of-pocket and force them to look at the fetus first. (Bennett ended up speaking out against and opposing the bill.)

  7. On the plane.

    So this is the guy who bought the Playboy at the airport then read it on the plane. HE'S the reason the magazine stands at airports worldwide still carry those magazines -- much like that one idiot who clicks on a link in a spam email, buys some black market Percocet and justifies a spammer's entire year.

  8. Fifty Shades of love.

    I recognize that signage in the background -- Chi-town, stand up! Well, not you, guy. Stay seated until you are ready.

  9. Anime on the train.

    Apparently what this guy is viewing is called hentai, which is a subset of anime that focuses on sex. I also know there's something called manga, which seems zero percent different than anime to me -- but I'm sure millions of people would be outraged by that generalization. It's like saying Coke and Pepsi are the same thing. Or First Daughter and Chasing Liberty.

  10. The background of the news.

    One intern in the background of a newsroom looks at some naked photos while the news is on the air and suddenly, the screenshot takes its place in immortality. In fact, based on the fact that this photo came up near the top of almost all my searches for photos for this list, the interest rate in this picture is far higher than 3.75 percent.

  11. On the train.

    I love this guy. Unlike the majority of the other people on this list who were embarrassed, he's got his filthy copy of Hustler right out there in the open and he's studying it without a care in the world. He's the living embodiment of that "dance like no one's watching" quote.

This post was originally published on Friday, November 14, 2014 at 11:00:00 AM under the category Dating & Sex.

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