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11 Questions With DJ Assault
written by Sam Greenspan

If you're not smiling right now and saying "DJ Assault?!? Come on!" then you don't know DJ Assault. He's an artist with whose over-the-top hilarious and dirty rap songs spread virally long before there was such a thing as something spreading virally. Like many people, I was introduced to him by someone in college, but everywhere you turn, he'll pop up. Mainly his signature song, the all-time classic "Ass-N-Titties".

I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk with Craig, aka DJ Assault, recently. Enjoy...

  1. DJ Assault.
    About half of the people I told about this interview thought it was the most incredible thing in the world, half said "Who's DJ Assault?" Do you think that's a fairly standard representation of your standing, fame-wise,  in the music industry?

    "Yes, I think that representation is pretty fair. Over the years of learning the music business I had a lot of deals, partners, and companies that didn't work out. So that means I keep rebuilding my image from some point. That would explain some of the lack of notoriety to a degree. But in the end it's best to have as much knowledge about what you're doing as possible than to be a dumb artist. See went you're smart in the music business a lot of people don't deal with you because they can't get over on you."

  2. How did you come up with the DJ Assault persona -- and how did you decide he was going to be over-the-top dirty?

    "DJ Assault came from an old rap group I was in called Assault-N-Battery. After the group didn't work out I kept the name Assault and added the DJ. The whole dirty lyrics thing... it's just my sense of humor and the types of things that are funny to me. It was all in fun, nothing so serious. I'm over it now because everybody bites my style now. The sex rap stuff is so redundant now I moved on to newer styles for the most part. I still touch on it from time to time but not as dirty and raw."

  3. When you wrote "Ass-N-Titties" did you immediately know you'd created an anthem? (Because I'm pretty sure the first time someone hears it they know they're hearing an anthem.)

    "I really didn't think about it. It was just me being silly once again. I thought everyone could have came up with the hook but wouldn't have the right rap content for it. It's good so many people like it. It's funny how it keeps going and going; younger and younger people keep asking me about it.

    "I would want people to know I made the track and love it but I wouldn't want to just be known for that. I have material that is much more recent than that to offer the world which is what I really want people to get into."

  4. The Browns gear is fantastic. Even if it is a Tim Couch jersey.
    Have you ever found a woman you were dating was put off by the content of your songs?

    "Yes, but not in the way you might think. Most girls want DJ Assault -- the guy on the records. When I don't act that way it's not as exciting for them. They never understand creativity takes a very wild imagination. Not that I write straight up fiction but... in person I'm very laid back so it definitely throws woman off."

  5. What's the best moment when you ever heard it used in pop culture or out in public?

    "I think ['Ass-N-Titties'] on Chappelle's Show' was the best moment for me so far. The humor ties into something that I think is funny as well. So it represents my image in a very good way. [It's] a level that most DJ/Producers can't really go... really being an artist with a pop culture image and influence. The people that do dance music for the most part are just not that interesting to me. Most of those guys don't really translate past playing night clubs."

  6. How often do you head out on the road?

    "I play in Detroit 2-3 times a year nowadays, most of the time I'm in Atlanta. I try to go out on the road as much as possible. The whole touring aspect is a big weakness in my company right now. I'm looking to start my own booking agency for Jefferson Ave. I usually play 30-40 dates a year which is very low at the moment. The deeper I get involved in understanding clubs, festivals, and other venues the more I see it's all politics... there's a lot of people that are not real DJs touring around with computers playing music. Ha!"

  7. Give me three random facts about you that the average fan wouldn't know...

    "I'm a Christian. I'm a mama's boy. And I love cats."

  8. Got one great story about something a fan or fans have done?

    "A girl in Vienna poured a pitcher of beer on my head during a set. I was mad at her, but furious at security for letting her on stage. I can't figure that one out. I guess she did appreciated 'Ass 'n Titties' that night."

  9. Tell us about the music you've made outside of the DJ Assault persona.

    "A lot of stuff can be found on my website. I make songs about relationships, girlfriends, GOD, what's wrong with the music industry, traveling around the world. I can write about anything... I just never did it back in the days of the crazy sex raps. But as an artist, songs will change from age 19 or 20 to 34. I'm still a kid at heart but a part of me grew up, so the subject matter of my material has a wider range, topic-wise."

  10. After at least 15 years of making records, what's next?

    "At this point I do want to do a lot more organized touring. There's still a lot of places in the U.S. and overseas I've never been. I'm also very involved with film and TV, trying to get my music some exposure to a bigger audience. I've been working in that side of the business for about five years or so.

    My publishing company is making some money from all the film and TV work, so I want to grow that bigger. I would love to get into the video game market as well, to get my songs heard. I've done a little acting on an independent film in L.A. too. All of these things are directions I'm pursuing; I have a lot of talent. I'm not just a one-trick pony."

  11. Where can people find you, follow you online, and keep up with where you're going?

    "My website is JeffersonAve.com... I'm also on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud, MySpace, and Youtube."

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