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11 Unbelievable Stories About Twins
written by Sam Greenspan

This list was entirely inspired when, yesterday, I stumbled upon the story featured in point number one. Here are 11 of the most incredible, unbelievable, ridiculous and crazy twin stories of all time.

  1. Mia with Justin and Jordan.
    A woman gives birth to twins... from two different fathers. This new story is the inspiration for this list. Last year, 20-year-old Mia Washington of Dallas, Texas, gave birth to twin boys, Justin and Jordan. About 10 months later, she started realizing they didn't look very similar. So she got a paternity test.

    According to the test, there was only a 0.1% chance they could have the same father.

    How's that possible? Mia got knocked up by her partner James Harrison, then, within 48 hours, cheated on him. (With an unidentified man.)

    Yes, if you just heard a thud, it was Maury Povich fainting from overstimulation.

    Because Mia had produced multiple eggs while ovulating, both men fertilized their own egg... leaving her unknowingly pregnant with twins from different fathers.

    That means her twins are officially half brothers. Oh, and Mia is pregnant again. She promises this time James is for sure the father. [Source]

  2. Kylie, Kian, Remee and Remi.
    Twin sisters are born and are completely different races. 21-year-old Kylie Hodgson of Nottingham, England, is half-black, half-white. So's her partner, 19-year-old Remi Horder. Back in 2006, they conceived twins. And when the twin girls were born, one was black... and one was white. Remee is blonde and white; Kian is black.

    Since both Kylie and Remi are mixed race, when the two eggs were conceived, the one that became Remee inherited all of the white genes from the family, and Kian inherited all of the black genes.

    The odds of this happening are at least a million to one. [Source]

  3. How Bali handles twins. Well this ain't right. On the Indonesian island of Bali, to this day, when twins are born and they're different genders... they're forced to get married.

    The Balinese tradition stated that opposite gender twins are a match made in heaven... because they come from the same womb... so incest be damned, they're getting married. [Source]

  4. Two necrophiliac twins dig up a corpse to have protected sex with it. Identical twins... identical deviant fetishes! In 2006, in Ridgeway, Wisconsin, 20-year-old twins Nicholas and Alexander Grunke were arrested for trying to dig up a corpse... for the sole purpose of having sex with it.

    Nicholas was reading the newspaper and saw a photo of a 20-year-old woman who'd been killed in a motorcycle crash. He thought she was beautiful so he, his brother, and their friend crafted a plan to dig her up and get all necrophiliac up in there.

    On the way to the cemetery, they even stopped at Wal-Mart to buy condoms. (Because having unprotected sex with a fresh corpse would just be disgusting.)

    They got caught in the cemetery and were arrested... but the big charges were eventually dropped because necrophilia is legal (or, rather, isn't illegal) in Wisconsin. They still got hit with criminal damage to property charges. [Source 1] [Source 2]

  5. Keyon and Taleon Goffney.
    Black identical twins make gay porn together then pull off a series of heists. 26-year-olds Keyon and Taleon Goffney of Camden, New Jersey, are identical twin brothers. But as they grew up, it was clear they were very different: Taleon was a jock and always in trouble; Keyon was gay and a model.

    As they hit their mid-20s, they managed to have their differences coalesce to sink them. They needed money, and Keyon was preyed on by a black, gay porn producer. Keyon persuaded Taleon to make a porn together that featured them in a three-man threesome. They did stuff that was borderline incestuous... and hetero Taleon ended up having sex with the third guy in their threesome.

    They thought they'd just take the money and get away, clean... but since they were black identical twins in a gay, taboo threesome, they stood out in the infinite sea of pornography... and people started recognizing them.

    That made it harder to have jobs, so when they needed even more money, Taleon got Keyon to drive the getaway car and serve as a lookout while he ran elaborate break-in heists. Taleon would get on the roof of a business, use tools to cut a hole in the roof, lower himself in, and rob the place.

    When they eventually got caught, they turned on each other -- Taleon busted out of the cop car and temporarily escaped; left to take the entire punishment, Keyon turned on his brother. As of today, Taleon is still in prison; Keyon is out and trying to restart his modeling career. [Source]

  6. Twins are born in separate years. In December of 2004, 33-year-old Maricica Tescu of Iasi, Romania, gave birth to a premature baby boy. His twin brother remained behind. How? Maricica has a rare congenital condition that gave her two uteruses.

    So, 59 days later... now in February of 2005... Maricica delivered the other twin boy, right on time.

    The lag time between their births actually gave time for the premature twin to gain weight and become healthy, so by the time his twin brother was born... in the following year... they weighed about the same. [Source]

  7. Identical twins use their identical DNA to beat the criminal justice system. Back in January, $6.8 million of jewlery was stolen, heist-style, from Kaufhaus des Westens, a famous department store in Berlin. Investigators found a glove at the crime scene, and took DNA evidence off the glove.

    Only problem: It pointed to either 27-year-old Abbas O. or his identical twin brother, Hassan. (German police won't release the last names of suspects.) Since they're identical twins with identical DNA, it's impossible to say which one should be connected to the robbery.

    So... without being able to prove, indisputably, which one committed the robbery... the police had to release both of them. The police now have 10 years... the statute of limitations for burglary cases in Germany... to find more evidence that would link the correct twin to the crime. [Source 1] [Source 2]

  8. The Jims, reunited. (And clearly, they also grew up with identical taste in badass mustaches.)
    Two separated at birth twins live almost identical lives. This is an incredible argument for nature over nurture. In 1940, identical twins were born in Ohio and put up for adoption. Different couples adopted them, 40 miles apart from one another. What happened after was a series of ridiculous coincidences... and parallel life choices.

    Both boys were independently named James. Neither knew he had a twin. Both were great at math and bad at spelling. Both had childhood dogs named Toy. Both worked as sheriffs.

    Both bought light blue Chevys. Both took vacations at Pas Grille beach in Florida. Both liked Miller Lite and Salem cigarettes. Both got migraines.

    Both married women named Linda. Both divorced their Lindas and remarried women named Betty. Both had sons who they named James Alan.

    Finally, at age 39, a record search reunited them. And when one of the Jims divorced his Betty, his brother Jim served as his best man for his third marriage, to a woman named Sandy.

    (The best man Jim stayed married to his Betty. But, I'm just guessing here, she flips her shit if she ever catches him talking to a woman named Sandy and/or pleasuring himself to "Speed", "The Lake House" or "Miss Congeniality".) [Source 1] [Source 2]

  9. A pair of twins both give birth to twins on the same day. In December of 2004, 21-year-old Ashlee Spinks of Indianapolis went into labor. Her twin sister, Andrea Springer of Conyers, Georgia, had been visiting her, to spend their pregnancies together... and also went into labor.

    They went to the hospital together and, on the same day, the twin sisters each gave birth... to sets of twin boys.

    Ashlee's were fraternal twins, Andrea's were identical twins.

    Twins run in the family for both of their husbands... but the odds of twins giving birth to twins on the same day is still in the million-plus-to-one range. [Source]

  10. Twins marry each other. If you've been saying to yourself "This list is good but there's one thing missing: Twins separated at birth who inadvertently boned each other"... your dream has come true.

    This story happened in England last year and while the details are a little sketchy... it's a great one. Lord David Alton of the British House of Lords told reporters the story of twins who were separated at birth... never knew about each other... met by chance... then fell in love and got married.

    When they got genetic testing to see if they were safe to have children... they found out they were twins.

    And, yes, it was implied in the story that they unknowingly had sex with each other. [Source]

  11. Twins who couldn't look more dissimilar are separated at birth, reunite to find their mother and outsmart and outscam Beetroot McKinley. Two twins were separated at birth... one grew up to be five feet tall, run a taxi company and marry Rhea Perlman... one grew up to become an Austrian bodybuilder, the last action hero and abysmal governor of California. And so many hijicks ensued in between.

    All semi-funniness aside, here's a crazy trivia fact about the movie "Twins". Back in 1987, Schwarzenegger and DeVito were given an option: Make "Twins"... or make "Suburban Commando". They, WISELY, picked "Twins". If they had chosen "Suburban Commando", the stars of twins would've been Hulk Hogan and Christopher Lloyd.

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