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11 Unintentionally Hilarious Domain Names
written by Sam Greenspan

When I come up with an idea for a list, I generally check on Google to make sure either (1) no one's done the list before or (2) if someone's done it, they've done a mediocre job.

This list falls squarely under number two. I'm not the first person to do a list of the most unintentionally hilarious URLs. There's already one so-so list out there. And that list was Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V'ed on no fewer than 500 other websites.

You know that line in "Fight Club" where Ed Norton says that "everything's a copy of a copy of a copy"? Well the list of unintentionally funny domain names, originally done by Independent Sources in 2006, takes that aforementioned simulacrum to a new level.

On one hand, I feel sorry that they were plagiarized so frequently. On the other hand, I feel even sorrier that their list, which now contains many broken URLs, is the one that holds the "funny domain name" mantle.

So today, I have 11 unintentionally funny website names that will, hopefully, let people know that there's more out there than Penisland.net (which, by the way, is an intentionally funny parody site).
  1. lesbocages.com
    Officially: LesBocages.com, tree service in the Brittany region of France.
    Unintentionally: LesboCages.com, your source for locking up your out-of-control local lesbian.

  2. freebase.com
    Officially: Freebase.com, a social database about things you know and love.
    Unintentionally: Freebase.com, the online destination when you can't find your crack pipe.

  3. sydneytherapist.com
    Officially: SydneyTherapist.com, the website of Tanya Koens, a sex therapist in Sydney, Australia. (No word if she is affiliated with Tobias Funke.)
    Unintentionally: SydneyTheRapist.com, home page of a guy named Sydney who just can't stop telling his stories about rapin'! (No word if he is affiliated with Tucker Max.)

  4. nobjs.org
    Officially: NOBJS.org, North of Boston Jewish Singles 40+ -- "a great place to meet interesting, charming and enthusiastic single people with whom you can get together and have fun."
    Unintentionally: NoBJs.org, the site for women in committed relationships.

  5. blackhatebook.com
    Officially: BlackHatEbook.com, a guide to black hat SEO, "the technique of building and promoting a website using unfair, sneaky, sly and underhand tactics which often break search engine guidelines." (Just to stick it to these people, I made their link above a rel="nofollow".)
    Unintentionally: BlackHateBook.com, a guide to being a racist, for the rarely-seen literate racist.

  6. oldmanshaven.com
    Officially: OldMansHaven.com, cabin rentals in Old Man's Haven near Hocking Hills (Ohio) State Park, home of Old Man's Cave.
    Unintentionally: OldManShaven.com, 'cause when they're dragging on the ground, they should be hairless.

  7. nycanal.com
    Officially: NYcanal.com, a resource for info on and travel to all of New York's beautiful canals.
    Unintentionally: NYCanal.com, a resource for info on and fissures in all of New York's less beautiful "canals."

  8. americanscrapmetal.com
    Officially: AmericanScrapMetal.com, "a B2B-based scrap metal recycling expert" in Texas.
    Unintentionally: AmericansCrapMetal.com. And we piss awesomeness!

  9. actionpaintballsac.com
    Officially: ActionPaintballSac.com, an 880-acre paintball course located just outside of Sacramento.
    Unintentionally: ActionPaintBallsac.com, which is either a Japanese game show or a high-energy booth at Key West's FantasyFest.

  10. ladrape.co.uk
    Officially: LaDrape.co.uk, a company that "continues to innovate quilted bedspread design and manufacture, leading the field for almost 20 years, supplying major hotel groups, cruise ships and interior designers internationally."
    Unintentionally: LadRape.co.uk, where we rape guys while using properly British terms like "lad." After the rape's over we toss the little bugger's body in the boot, sod off to a bog and dump the duff.

  11. budget.co.ck
    Officially: Budget.co.ck, for all your Budget Car Rental needs on the Cook Islands.
    Unintentionally: Budget.co.ck, because in this economy, who can afford full-priced cock?

Honorable mention to a few that didn't make my cut or were on that original list I was wailin' on at the top of this list: whorepresents.com, powergenitalia (now defunct), kidsexchange.net, analemma.org, mofo.com and speedofart.com.

This post was originally published on Thursday, June 25, 2009 at 12:01:00 AM under the category Web & Tech.

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