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11 Points
11 Points Guide To Hooking Up
11 Points Guide To Hooking Up


In June of 2011, the first book by Sam Greenspan, creator and author of 11 Points, was released by Skyhorse Publishing.

My goal with the 11 Points Guide To Hooking Up was to write more than just another dating book and more than just another humor book. I culled unique conclusions from my experiences and conversations with dozens of others to create a guide that doesn't just give you the same, generic advice everywhere else. Which is why this book recommends talking politics on a first date, going out less if you're having trouble meeting people, and, yes, occasionally faking orgasms.

The book has been extremely well-received by the ever-growing number of people who have discovered it. It's a blend of fresh advice, humor, pop culture, self-awareness and realness that I don't think you'll find in any other dating book.

Buy two.

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