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Socializing With 11 Points

Email list
My favorite way of publicizing 11 Points content is the email list. It's old school but also seems to get the best results. So go ahead and sign up. It means, like, three emails a week at the most.

Twitter is my favorite form of communication because I think 140 characters is about the correct amount of space needed for most discourse. I post on Twitter with the most frequency.

Like 11 Points on Facebook for some warm conversations and other random content I find.

Subscribe to the 11 Points Countdown channel on YouTube and you can see episodes of my web series before everyone else.

I haven't posted on it religiously but I have a bunch of absurd boards on Pinterest that aren't just photos of shoes or unicorns.

My Instagram is the social network that's least tied to this website. Really it's primarily photos of my girlfriend, my dog and things I see out in the world that I think 3 percent of people would find funny.

My RSS feed automatically updates whenever there's a new post on 11 Points. It doesn't have the full content of the lists but it's still somewhat worthwhile.

Email Sam
My email is my first name, then the at symbol, then 11points.com. I will most likely read it and not respond. I am aware it's rude, I'm just a reeeeeally lazy emailer. Twitter is a much better way to get in touch.

Meet Me In Person
Come up and say hi. I always enjoy meeting people who read the site.